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ERG5203 Graphical User Interfaces
Project Definition

Last Update: 2010-10-01 by Jörn Loviscach

The project is centered around creating a graphical user interface for an audio player that is specialized on playing back audio books and/or podcasts. As opposed to a music player it needs to support hour-long material, in particular through bookmarks.

Important aspects for grading: At which technical depth are WPF and jQuery being employed? (E.g., is the WPF layout adaptive to the size of the window? Does it support accessibility features such as the tabulator key? Is the Web page built with “unobtrusive” JavaScript? Is the JavaScript code technically sound?) How well do the created interfaces exploit the set of widgets available? Does the layout conform to the expected workflow and to common practices in grouping and naming? (If not, is a convincing reason given for that?) How comprehensible and conclusive are the analysis parts and the evaluation?

Work in teams of two; spend approximately six hours of work per person, possibly more if you did not follow the labs closely.

Pack all files of the project (Visual Studio solution, html file plus potentially accompanying files, texts as PDFs) into a Zip archive and send me (jl@j3L7h.de) the archive or a (working!) download link to it until Monday 18 October 2010, 23:59 h. You may want to send that mail with automated delivery and receipt notifications, even though I will try to confirm all submissions by responding personally. Given my short deadline for grading, I appreciate early submissions.

I will check for plagiarism in both code and texts. If the project that you submit contains work of other people, state clearly what those parts are and what their origin is. This is not necessary, however, for obvious components such as the jQuery library.

Feel free to ask questions and discuss on the Google Docs page. This has no influence on the grades. I will participate in that discussion.